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By far the cleanest, nicest waxing boutique I've ever been in. Waxing is such a private and can be extremely embarrassing task but the girls here are amazing. Not only are they so friendly and sweet; but you feel comfortable, clean, and well taken care of. There are no dumb questions and their professionalism really makes the whole thing relaxing and calm. I also love how they will do what they can to accommodate you as well as educate you, so you get a better understanding about hair growth, exfoliating, avoiding ingrown hair and all. The separate entrance and exit helps maintain privacy, the waiting area is comfy, and cleanest bathrooms. I never thought I'd ever say that I look forward to getting waxed, but coming here I actually get excited! It's total "ME" time which EVERY WOMAN NEEDS!!!!!!

Jen on Yelp

Vee on Yelp

Summer is very professional and a perfectionist. It's never easy showing your lady parts to someone but she makes you feel extremely comfortable. She is the best on island!!! The location is perfect, appointment flexibility is great, atmosphere is zen, and suite are clean every time!

Tina on Yelp

I had the best experience! Kalena is so sweet and makes you feel comfortable during an experience that is normally very uncomfortable. I felt like I wanted to share my life story with went fast and she is very nurturing. I am definitely returning to her

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